Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 02.15


  For the Monthly Report for February (sorry for the delay), I have music from albums of Keith Worthy & Point G. New music from Society Of Science, Matrixxman, Lapien & Lawrence. More great tracks from the Undgerground Quality camp by DJ Koze. Amazing cuts by Reckonwrong, Arkajo Route & Melchoir Productions Ltd. I have some forthcoming music from Hollis Parker & Palace followed by Luke Hess, Svreca & Gonzalo MD to round off the show.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

1. Keith Worthy “Karma”[$ Of N.C. Mix](Aesthetic Audio)
2. Society Of Silence “Baghdad”(Versatile)
3. Matrixxman “Sermons”(Dekmantel)
4. Lapien “Motif”(Finale Sessions)
5. Point G “Rumi”(Point G)
6. Lawrence “Dark & Stormy”(Smallville)
7. DJ Koze “NYC Dub”(Underground Quality)
8. Reckonwrong “Innerzone/Atmosphere”(Pinkman)
9. Arkajo “Månfas”(Aniara)
10. Route 8 “The Sunrise In Her Eyes”(Lobster Theremin)
11. Melchior Communications Ltd “Meditation 5″(Perlon)
12. Hollis Parker “Infinity”(SoSure Music PROMO)
13. Palace “Gemini”(Troupe Records PROMO)
14. Luke Hess “Tolox”(Finale Underground)
15. Svreca “Sleepless”(Semantica)
16. Gonzalo MD “Arsat”(DMT)

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