Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 12.14 Year End Review Albums of 2014

     It’s that time again for my 2014 Albums of the Year for last monthly show of this year.  It was quite an interesting year in regards to the albums. I saw a lot of great albums that could have easily been contenders any other year. So it was quite tough leaving brilliant LPs out such as Austin Cesear sophomore Album,  Head High “s Megatrap or even Leon Vynehall’s Masterfully done debut LP.  But I can have them alll on this show.  So same rules apply for the Albums  as for the tracks on the weekly show. If these tracks were released from December 1st of 2013 to November 30th of this year then it would qualify on the show.
     So for the top 10 I have triple plays from the albums of Mura Oka, Call Super, Joey Anderson, Theo Parrish & Terrence Dixon’s last LP as Population One. The top 5 has music from the albums of Ital, Lee Gamble & Kassem Mosse. The mysterious Geslotel Cirkel has made a lot of noise by suddenly dropping his debut album This year on the same label he had his debut EP 5 years ago. However my album of the year goes to a producer that came out of seclusion for 13 year.
We have the talented Demdike Stare duo to thank for finding the talented Shiniche Atobe & putting out this amazing release. The diversity of this LP is phenomenal! As you can see I did not go into detail with the tracks represented on each of the LPs because I want to let the music do the talking.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
10. Mura Oka “Auftakt”(Latency) 09.20.14 cd2
– “Log In Oct 13”
– “Horizon Rouge”
– “Zr Dnt”
9. Call Super “Suzi Ecto”(Houndstooth) 08.20.14 cd7
– “Sulu Sekou”
– “Rosso Dew”
– “Hoax Eye”
8. Joey Anderson “After Forever”(Dekmantel) 04.19.14 cd6 
– “Sorcery”
– “Amp Me Up”
– “Brass Chest Plate”
7. Theo Parrish “American Intelligence”(Sound Signature)
– “Make No War”
– “Cypher Delight”
– “Drive”
6. Population One “Theater Of A Confused Mind”(Rush Hour) 11.05.14 cd10 & 10.11.14 cd1
– “For Only You”
– “The Test”
– “All Together”
5. Ital “Endgame”(Planet Mu) 08.16.14 cd9
– “Endgame”
– “Black Dust”
– “Dancing”
4. Lee Gamble “KOCH”(PAN) 08.01.14 cd4
– “Caudata”
– “Jove Layup”
– “Motor System”
3. Kassem Mosse “Workshop 19”(Workshop) 02.26.14 cd2
– “Untitled A1″
– “Untitled B3″
– “Untitled C2”
2. Gesloten Cirkel “Submit X”(Murder Capital) 04.26.14 cd5
– “Thomas Mensch”
– “Where’s Your Cash”
– “Feat. Liette”
1. Shinichi Atobe “Butterfly Effect”(Demdike Stare) 11.15.14 cd7
– “Free Access Zone 2”
– “Free Access Zone 5”
– “Butterfly Effect”

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