Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 09.14

For the monthly report of September I have music from Alex Coulton, Pablo & Map.Ache. I have music from the albums of Call Super & Tin Man along with an interesting collaboration by Point G (DJ Gregory), The Martinez Brothers & Filsonik. More big music from Gesloten Cirkel that he release on his bandcamp page. Nice music from Basin, Roman Flugel & a nice tune by Bela Brandes in a Omar S vibe. Andres does a nice remix of Paul White with  Gingy, Manuel Di Martino & Somewhen rounding off the show.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. Alex Coulton “Equilibrium”(Tempa)
2. Pablo “Je Suis”(Lackrec)
3. Call Super “Hoax Eye”(Houndstooth)
4. Tin Man “Vertigo”[Vocal](Absurd/Acid Test)
5. Map.Ache “Dunno”(Kann)
6. Point G & The Martinez Brothers feat. Filsonik “That’s the Point?”[Main Mix](Elle)
7. Gesloten Cirkel “2 GB Is Boss”[Computer Day Remix](Gesloten Cirkel)
8. Basin “Welcome To The Firm”[Work Dub](Slumdiscs)
9. Roman Flugel “The Odd Lobster”(Ostgut Ton)
10. Bela Brandes “Victims And Winners”(Ritter Butzke Studio PROMO)
11. Paul White “Where You Gonna Go?”[Andres Remix](R&S)
12. Gingy feat. Starving Yet Full “RAPT”(Clone Royal Oak)
13. Manuel Di Martino “Keep In Touch”(Fortezza Records PROMO)
14. Somewhen “Altar”(Sana)

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