Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 08.14


     The monthly report of August features music from MGUN, PDL  & Kyle Hall. I have tracks from compilations of Hesperian Sound Division & DMT records.  I wanted to play some true NYC Kerri Chandler style grooves by Mark Nicholas O, Brodanse & Anthony Brooklyn.  We go from the old school NYC sound to the rawer new school sound in the current scene by Terekke, Hank Jackson, Patricia & Ñaka Ñaka (Mexico City Born).  Traumprinz never fails to impress yet again with a Larry Heard inspired late night groove with a bluesy vocal. Maxwell Church rounds off the Monthly Report with a tune from the Lab.our series.

Enjoy the Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk




1. MGUN “MSC”(Fit Sound)

2. Perth Drug Legend (PDL) “A”(West End Communications)

3. As-DFS “Ornate”(Hesperian Sound Division)

4. Kyle Hall “Down”(Wild Oats)

5. Philippe Petit “Friends” (Decision Making Theory)

6. Mark Nicholas O. “Sex 4 Daze”(Ringrose)

7. Brodanse “Reactivate”(Danse Club Records PROMO)

8. Anthony Brooklyn “Somethin About You”(Tomorrow Is Now Kid!)

9. Terekke “Untitled A2″(L.I.E.S)

10. Hank Jackson “Mongoos”(Proibito)

11. Ñaka Ñaka “Def Def “(Black Opal)

12. Patricia “Foie Gras”(Ghostly International)

13. Jeals “Tack”(Hesperian Sound Division)

14. Traumprinz “All The Things”(Geigling)

15. Lee Holman “Carve”(Decision Making Theory)

16. Maxwell Church “Doldruk”(Lab.our Music)



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