Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 07.14

     Kicking off the Monthly Report of July we have wicked remix of Four Tet’s Crush by PhOtOmachine. Tin Man remixes Pedestrian. I have new music from Hound Scales, Red Rack’em, Florian Kupfer & Huerco S.  More music from Innerspace Halflife’s album on Synapsis. There is new music from one of Terrence Dixon’s last productions under his Population One moniker. Big tunes follow with music from DVS1, DIN, Developer & a massive remix of Trus’me by Marcelus. The mix finishese with music from Möd3rn, Inigo Kennedy, Henrik Schwarz & Trus’me’s techno alias Truss.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

1. Four Tet “Crush”[PhOtOmachine remix](Text)
2. Pedestrian “Drop Bear”[Tin Man Lovers Acid Remix](Born Electric)
3. Hound Scales “Princip”[Rubble Dub 1](Fifth Wall)
4. Red Rack’em “Make Your Mind Up”(Telefonplan)
5. Innerspace Halflife “Breaking Lights”(Synapsis)
6. Florian Kupfer “Head”(L.I.E.S.)
7. H. S. “A1″(Proibito)
8. Population One “Musical Promises”(Metroplex)
9. DVS1 “Black Russian”(Klockworks)
10. Trus’me “Hindsight”[Marcelus ‘Friction’ Remix](Prime Numbers)
11. DIN “Euphorium”(Osgut Ton)
12. Developer “A1 IPF09″(Modularz)
13. Möd3rn “Mö7″(Möd3rn Records)
14. Inigo Kennedy “Plaintive”(Token)
15. Henrik Schwarz “Lockstep”(Osgut Ton)
16. Truss “Roath”(LGBT Rights for Russia Now!)

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