Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 7/13


For the monthly report of July we have music by Hackman & Gold Panda. I more music from New York Producers Blondes, DJ Spider & Marshallito. Redj & Ghini-B remixes Yoshihiro Arikawa on Swap Recordings.

We have some music that is certainly on a head trip by D-Ribeiro, Ñaka Ñaka & Oliver Dodd. Ame Remixes The xx on Young Turks. I have new music from Ten Walls on Innervisions.

Deetron goes back to his techno roots with “Character” on Music Man. Be on a lookout for a new album by Mr. Geiser in the near future. Paul Woolford returns as Special Request on Houndstooth.

Rounding off the report I have music from Markus Suckut, Darko Esser’s Tripeo project, Jonas Kopp & a very dark South African inspired techno track from Italian producer Fana. Go here  to check it out.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1. Hackman “Fists Of Ham”(2084 PROMO)
2. Gold Panda “Junk City II”(Ghostly International)
3. Blondes “Wires”(RVNG Intl.)
4. DJ Spider & Marshallito “Enemy Of God”(subBASS Sound System PROMO)
5. Yoshihiro Arikawa “6ft Under the Pole”[Redj & Ghini-B Version](Swap Recordings)
6. D-Ribeiro “Silent Thoughts Of A Black Man”(SD Records)
7. Ñaka Ñaka “000020”(Opal Tapes)
8. Ten Walls “Gotham”(Innervisions)
9. The xx “Reunion”[Ame remix](Young Turks)
10. Oliver Dodd “Cycle 1.3″(Konstructure)
11. Deetron “Character”(Music Man)
12. Special Request “Wall To Wall”(Houndstooth PROMO)
13. Markus Suckut “Vibrant”(Figure)
14. Tripeo “Untitled #5″(Tripeo)
15. Fana “Sungwi”(MagmatiQ Records)
16. Jonas Kopp “X”(Tresor)

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