Thelonious Funk Sessions #170

     For this week’s show we have music from the Krake compilation on KILLEKILL by Pole & Perc. There are plenty of tracks from full length albums on the show. There are tracks from the albums of Aybee (Worlds), John Roberts (Fences), Legowelt (Gigla 1), Clockwork (B.O.A.T.S.), Omar S (Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself) & Cosmin TRG (Gordian).  However the albums are the not the only ones getting some love. I have new music from the legendary Pepe Bradock on the latest Acid Test series.  More nice cuts from Mr. Beatnick,  Joy Orbison, Vakula & The Mole.  I have more music from the L.I.E.S. camp by Florian Kupfer, Steve Summers & Vereker. First part of the show rounds of with music from DJ Sprinkles, Will Azada & a Marco Bernardi Remix of Matt Tolfrey.
     The 2nd part continues with music from the albums of Usio & Resonating. Mix Mup & Kassem Mosse does a heavy remix of Philipp Matalla on Kann Records. Dutch label M>O>S is represented well with music from Ma Spaventi & Ike Release. Four Tet does a remix of Rocketnumbernine, Eomac represents another track from the KILLEKILL label. I have some exclusive tracks from Froncois K’s Renaissance mixed compilation by him & Scuba.  Zadig doe some Power House on DJ Deep’s Deeply Root House label & ROD remixes Samuli Kemppi on Balans.  Jam packed show full of track for you to…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Pole “Wipfel Dub”(KILLEKILL)
2. Aybee “What Is”(Deep Blak)
3. John Roberts “Palace”(Dial)
4. Legowelt “Dimensions Of An Ancient Bird Race”(Hidden Hawaii)
5. Pepe Bradock “Lifting Weights”(Acid Test/Absurd)
6. Steve Summers “The Outermaze”(L.I.E.S.)
7. Clockwork “Second Floor”(Life and Death)
8. Cosmin TRG “Desire Is Sovereign”(50 Weapons)
9. Joy Orbison “GR Ettiquette”(CDR)
10. Mr Beatnick “Savannah”(Don’t Be Afraid)
11. The Mole “Seawall Powertalk”(Maybe Tomorrow)
12. Vakula “1111”(Vakula Bandcamp)
13. Omar S “Be Yoself”(FXHE)
14. Florian Kupfer “Feelin”[Dubb Micx](L.I.E.S.)
15. DJ Sprinkles “Kissing Costs Extra”(Kolour LTD)
16. Matt Tolfrey “Encarta”[Marco Bernardi Remix](Leftroom PROMO)
17. Will Azada “Its, Uh, Like This”(Initials PROMO)
Part 2
18. Dynamo Dreesen “Tape 3″(Acido)
19. Resonating prod by Hakim Murphy “Clockers”(Machining Dreams)
20. Usio “The Force”(Studio Barnhaus)
21. Philipp Matalla “Alright”[MM/KM Is Not a Mix](Kann)
22. Resonating “The Punk”(Machining Dreams)
23. Vereker “Untitled”(L.I.E.S.)
24. Ma Spaventi “The Jungle”(M>O>S)
25. Rocketnumbernine “Rotunda”[Four Tet refix](CDR)
26. Eomac “Spoock”(KILLEKILL)
27. Sub Space “Fourteen”(Minimalizm)
28. Scuba “Untitled”(Renaissance)
29. Zadig “TTRXL”(Deeply Rooted House)
30. Perc “Kord”(KILLEKILL)
31. Samuli Kemppi “Seeker”[ROD Remix](Balans Records)
32. François K “Dark Magic”(Renaissance)
33. Ike Release “Westview”(M>O>S)


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