Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 04.19

    For the monthly report we have music from the Monkeytown EP compilation Modeselektors Volume 4 by Lone & Actress. New music from the albums of Atjazz and Prime Minister Of Doom (AKA Prince Of Denmark/Traumprinz). I have music from Toto Chiavetta’s superb EP on Osunlade’s Yoruba Records. More amazing music from talented Finnish duo Shuffless on Synchrophone, K15 does a nice remix of British saxophonist Nubya Garcia, Melé does a tribute to Larry Heard and another banger from DJ QU. Speaking of Larry Heard I have new music from his 1st album in 25 years on his Alleviated imprint as the legendary Mr. Fingers. New music from Viers on Figure and +plattform’s remix of Christian Tilt rounds off the show.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. Lone “Smoke Signals”(Monkeytown)
2. Flabaire “Milan to Minsk”(D.KO)
3. Atjazz “Track 3″[Mix 2](Atjazz Record Company)
4. Shuffless “Chi”(Syncrophone PROMO)
5. Prime Minister of Doom “Grand Finale”(Planet Uterus)
6. Atjazz “Track 7″[Mix 2](Atjazz Record Company)
7. Nubya Garcia “When We Are”[K15 Remix](Nyasha)
8. Toto Chiavetta feat. Moby Ngom “Nagnu Jubo” [Yoruba Soul Mix](Yoruba Records)
9. Melé “Larry’s Beat”(Unknown To The Unknown)
10. Toto Chiavetta “Minds”[Unreleased Version](Yoruba Records)
11. DJ QU “Figure Six”(Strength Music)
12. Actress “Watercolour Challenge”(Monkeytown)
13. Toto Chiavetta “Hunters”(Yoruba Records)
14. Prime Minister of Doom “Drumatise”(Planet Uterus)
15. Mr. Fingers “Inner Acid”(Alleviated)
16. Viers “Oyasumi”(Figure)
17. Christian Tilt “Dinner With The Devil” [+plattform Remix](PLOINK PROMO)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 03.18

    For the monthly report of March, I have music from Felipe Gordon, Marcellus Pittman, Oall Hates, Demuja & Kevin Over. New music from Roman Flügel, Omar S featuring Divinti and more from the Easgasmic compilation F*ck Acid by dcee. More killer cuts from Fyodor the DJ, Efdemin remixed by Terrence Dixon & a forthcoming remix of D’Marc Cantu by Chicago legend Larry Heard. KuF, Ken Desmend & Cleric rounds off the show.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. Felipe Gordon “Su Casa, Mi Casa”(Quintessentials)
2. Marcellus Pittman “Can’t Forget About You”(Unirhythm)
3. Oall Hates “Allez Vous”(Of Paradise)
4. Demuja “Brenda”(Life Is For Living)
5. Kevin Over “Keeper” (House Puff)
6. Oall Hates ” Flux State”(Of Paradise)
7. Roman Flügel “Party House”(Hardworksoftdrink)
8. Omar S feat Diviniti “Games That We Play”(FXHE)
9. dcee “Suavecito”(Eargasmic PROMO)
10. Fyodor the DJ “Ambient”(Geography)
11. Marcellus Pittman “Creepy Crawlers 2″(Unirhythm)
12. Efdemin “America”[Terrence Dixon Minimal Detroit Mix](Curle)
13. D’Marc Cantu “S. E. G.”[Larry Heard Fingers Atmospheric Mix](Altered Moods PROMO)
14. KuF “Loopizm”(Evod)
15. Ken Desmend “Exodus”(AILA Records PROMO)
16. Cleric “Plunge”(Involve)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #283 (Next Gen Exclusive Set /grå Ensemble)

     Kicking off this long overdue session I have a breaks edit of a Mr. Fingers classic from Marco Lazovic followed by music from Lone & Adryiano remixed by Jamie 3:26. I have 2 unknown artists doing their take on Billie Holiday & The Doors. I have forthcoming music from the Perpetual Rhythms compilation by Specter, Chicagodeep & Obsolete Music TechnologyNicholas does another collaboration with Nikki-O on Shall Not Fade. Actress remixes Daniel Avery followed by music from Rezzett and a Truncate remix of electro legend Kittin forthcoming on Zone. More big tunes from NHK yx Koyxen, Spatial Awareness, DJ Dextro & Z.I.P.P.O (remixed by Ø [Phase]). Our triple play for the show is involved with the latest installment of the Next Gen Exclusive. The music is from the latest EP from Norwegian producer +plattform on Gråtone which is a perfect segue to the 2nd part of the show.
     If you have been following the show for the past year i have been quite impressed with the techno coming from Norway. One of the brightest producers to come out of that scene is +plattform & his Twelve LP. I contacted him regard being included in this series. He took it a step further & offer to provide an exclusive set he performed with his group as The /grå Ensemble.  The /grå Ensemble members in this set involves Bendik Baksaas (electronics), Even Sarucco (electronics), Jonas Barsten (Percussion), Johannes Vaage and Stian Balducci AKA +plattform (electronics). Big thanks to Stian for providing this superb exclusive for us to enjoy. Also be on the lookout for the monthly reports for March & April in a couple of days. In the meantime…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Marco Lazovic “Tribute To Larry”
2. Lone “Hyper Seconds”(R&S)
3. Adryiano “Move It, Move It”[Jamie 3:26 Remix](Heist)
4. Unknown Artist “Ijzeren Rots”(Digwah)
5. Specter “Butters Whipped”(Perpetual Rhythms PROMO)
6. Nicholas feat. Nikki-O “Sound Of Earth”[Dub](Shall Not Fade)
7. Unknown Artist “Pastoral Scene”(Downtown Romeo Records)
8. Daniel Avery “Slow Fade”[Actress Remix](Phantasy Sound)
9. Rezzett “Sexzzy Creep”(The Trilogy Tapes)
10. Chicagodeep “Blow Out” (Perpetual Rhythms PROMO)
11. Kittin “EACID”[Truncate Remix](Zone PROMO)
12. Obsolete Music Technology “High Top Fade”(Perpetual Rhythms PROMO)
13. NHK yx Koyxen “M”(-ous)
14. Spatial Awareness “From Hell It Came” (IMC PROMO)
15. DJ Dextro “Last Human”(Dreizehn Schallplatten)
16. Z.I.P.P.O “Ume”[Ø [Phase] Remix – Trajectory Version](Virgo)
Triple Play: +plattform “Torne” EP (Gråtone)
17. +plattform “Perfume”(Gråtone PROMO)
18. +plattform “Torne”(Gråtone PROMO)
19. +plattform ” Aleks”(Gråtone PROMO)
Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Set: +plattform presents /grå Ensemble

Bendik Baksaas – Electronics
Even Sarucco – Electronics
Jonas Barsten – Percussion
Johannes Vaage – Guitar

Stian Balducci – Electronics

End Of Set

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 02.18

     I have an extended version of the monthly report for the month of February.  I recorded it live on the Strictly Lo-Fi group page on Facebook. So for this show I have more music from the Eargasmic compilation Fuck Acid by Isoke & Dcook. Music from Shuffless, Jesse Bru, Demuja and Oli Furness. E. Myers remixes Karen Gwyer and Frag Maddin gets a rerub from Black Loops on Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse imprint. More big tunes from Taupe, Sebastian Gummersbach, Sekou Babe & Pascäal. Nocow appears again on the show with new music from Figure records. More big tunes from DJ JM, Hodge, DABDA and a DVS1 mix of Jasper Wolff and Maarten Mittendorff. I have music from the Ostgut Ton camp by Stefan Rein and a collaboration by Boris & FiedelSpencer Parker remixes Lupe on Twirl followed by Vakula, KuF, Berg Jaär and a Pangaea remix of Blue Hour. Big tune from Alden Tyrell & KuF appears again as a remixer of Reless to round off the show. Almost 2 hours of tunes on this monthly report.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. Isoke “Albion Beach”(Easgasmic Recording PROMO)
2. Shuffless “3h18″(Syncrophone PROMO)
3. Jesse Bru “Futaki”(Super Tuff Records)
4. Demuja “Take”(Madhouse PROMO)
5. Oli Furness “Sacred Sex”(Unknown To The Unknown)
6. Karen Gwyer “It’s Not Worth the Bother”[E. Myers Remix](Don’t Be Afraid)
7. Dcook “Litmus Test”(Easgasmic Recording PROMO)
8. Frag Maddin “The Zauberflöte”[Black Loops Remix](Madhouse PROMO)
9. Taupe “Pianotrack”(ÆX)
10. Sebastian Gummersbach “Those Were The Days”(Raw Soul)
11. Sekou Babe “Treize Zero Zero Trois”(Dirt Crew)
12. Pascäal “A10ris”(Clave House)
13. Nocow “Rave Button”(Figure)
14. DJ JM “Cosa Nostra”(Even The Strong)
15. Hodge “Don’t Hold Your Breath”(Berceuse Heroique)
17. Stefan Rein “Panther”(Ostgut Ton)
18. Jasper Wolff and Maarten Mittendorff “Stellar Cult”[DVS1 Remix](Indigo Aera)
19. Boris & Fiedel “Div’hain”(Ostgut Ton)
20. Lupe featuring Josh Caffe “Give Me Body”[Spencer Parker’s Workmix](Twirl PROMO)
21. Vakula “The End”(Arma)
22. KuF “Dromloop” (Pole Recordings)
23. Berg Jaär “Rav”(Room)
24. Blue Hour “Falling Lines”[Pangaea Remix](Blue Hour)
25. Alden Tyrell “Interceptor”(Clone Basement Series)
26. Reless “Limitation”[KuF Remix](World Talk)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #282

     Finally a the first Thelonious Funk Sessions of 2018. Time to get to work. So the first session of the year kicks off with music from Silo, Ritchie Muir & a legendary forthcoming remix of a Space’s classic “Magic Fly” by The Orb. The first triple play features music from Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse imprint featuring upcoming EPs from Frag Maddin, Demuja & a remix by Kevin Over. I have a few track that I missed last year by M Vaughn, Felix Leifur & Alton Miller. The second triple play features music from the Fuck Acid compilation on Chicago label Eargasmic Recordings by Julio Bishop, Chicagodeep (Next Gen producer) &  Secret Studio featuring Chicago Skyway. More music will be played on this compilation very soon. I have some music from DJ JM, jacking rendition of Tainted Love by Helix, forthcoming Dense & Pika remix of Kerri Chandler on Nervous & Oli Furness. To round off the 1st part of the show I have Steve Rachmad remixing G Flame (AKA The Advent) forthcoming on This And That Lab.
     The second part of the show kicks off with a loyal listener that was inspired by the artists played on this show.  Remember the name Future Aztec Man people. Don’t sleep on this talent. Big shout to him being a supporter of the show & his chats with me about music. This is why I do what I do. I have music from Shuffless, Oriol Fornós, Nocow (AKA Alexey Nikitin) and DABDA. There’s new music from  DJ Nobu & NHK yx Koyxen new MTv project, followed by A Humanoid Individual & a banging Spencer Parker remix of Lupe on Twirl Records. More banging tracks from Krystal Kleer, Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff,  Simon Haydo and a collaboration between Exos and Ohm. Rounding off the show I have a killer forthcoming track from Stereo_IMG that is a must have. Hope I made this worth the wait. Thanks for your patience.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Silo “Together”(Tokyo Dawn PROMO)
2. Ritchie Muir “Mariopaint”(PROMO)
3. Space “Magic Fly”[The Orb Remix](Nang Records PROMO)
Triple Play: Madhouse Records
4. Frag Maddin “Focus”(Madhouse PROMO)
5. Demuja “Come To Me”(Madhouse PROMO)
6. Frag Maddin “Focus”[Kevin Over Remix](Madhouse PROMO)
7. M Vaughan “Reel Recognize Reel” (Super Tuff Records)
8. Felix Leifur “Eitt”(Legaffe Tales)
9. Alton Miller “When The Morning Comes”[Unreleased Version](Bass Cadet Records)
Triple Play: Various “Fuck Acid” (Eargasmic Recordings)
10. Julio Bishop “Acid Drums”(Eargasmic Recordings)
11. Chicagodeep “Clear Remedy”(Eargasmic Recordings)
12. Secret Studio feat Chicago Skyway “Tres Amigos”(Eargasmic Recordings)
13. DJ JM “Swatch”(Even The Strong)
14. Helix “Tainted Love Remix”(Night Slugs)
15. Kerri Chandler “Rain”[Dense & Pika Remix Vocal](Nervous Records PROMO)
16. Oli Furness “Hills Have Vibes”(Unknown To The Unknown)
17. G Flame “Fever”[Steve Rachmad Remix](This & That Lab PROMO)


Part 2
18. Future Aztec Man “Dark Treasure”(Future Aztec Man)
19. Shuffless “Uusmood”(Syncrophone PROMO)
20. Oriol Fornós “Missing”(Red Panda)
21. Nocow “Placeholder”(Figure)
22. Oriol Fornós “Waves”(Red Panda)
24. Oriol Fornós ” Limits”(Red Panda)
25. Nocow ” Hold U Tight”(Figure)
26. MTv “Look Back Motion”(The Trilogy Tapes)
27. A Humanoid Individual “Rhythmic Equivalent”(Anode Records PROMO)
28. Lupe featuring Josh Caffe “Give Me Body”[Spencer Parkers Workdub](Twirl PROMO)
29. Krystal Klear “Dedication”[N.A.S.A Mix](Hot Haus Recs)
30. Jasper Wolff and Maarten Mittendorff “Stellar Cult”[Version Xylo](Indigo Aera)
31. Simon Haydo “Epicenter of Cool”(Peder Mannerfelt)
33. Exos and Ohm “Hoggur”(XOZ)
34. Stereo_IMG “Carve”[Wood_01](North Of Nowhere Records PROMO)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 01.18

     Finally the 1st monthly report of the year is here. Kicking off the report I have music from Felipe Gordon, DJ Fett Burger & Steven Blair. There’s music from Tour-Maubourg, STL, Nocow, Lemin, JΔIME & Melchior Productions Ltd’s remix of Edward. More killer tracks from Hodge, Kassem Mosse & Melodymann. I have forthcoming music from Luca Maniaci, Firstperson & Ken Desmend’s remix of Costa MP. Yotam Avni & Rayan James Ford rounds off the show.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

1. Felipe Gordon “I’m Mr Senor Love Daddy” (Forbidden Cuts PROMO)
2. DJ Fett Burger “Dypfryst Pizza”(Mongo Fett)
3. Felipe Gordon ” Run Run Run” (Forbidden Cuts PROMO)
4. Steven Blair “The 3 Lochs”(Aila Records PROMO)
5. Tour-Maubourg “Manhatan to Brooklyn”(Increase The Groove)
6. STL “Summer Breeze & Brotherhood”(Solar Phenomena)
7. Nocow “Samaya Dolgaya Noch”(Rekids PROMO)
8. Edward “At Ease”[Melchior Productions Ltd. Remix](Giegling)
9. Lemin “In My Arms”(Lemin)
10. JΔIME “After U”(JΔIME)
11. Hodge “Beneath Two Moons”(Berceuse Heroique)
12. Kassem Mosse “Banken im Nebel”(Ominira)
13. Melodymann “Burning”(Madhouse)
14. Luca Maniaci “Destino” (Solar Distance PROMO)
15. Firstperson “Nested Worlds”(Anode Records PROMO)
16. Costa MP “Confusioness”[Ken Desmend Remix](Aila Records PROMO)
17. Yotam Avni “Modern Matters”(Stroboscopic Artefacts)
18. Ryan James Ford “Samenko Wardrobe”(MDR)


Thelonious Funk Sessions #281 Year End Review 2017 Vol. 5 of 5

     For the final installment of the tunes of 2017, 外神田deepspace cracks the top 20 followed by Batu, Donato Dozzy, Hodge & Candans. Randomer cracks the top 15 followed by DVS1 & DJ Qu. JDJX & Kirk The Flirt rounds off the top 20 with some disco grooves.
     For the top 10 Serge and Tyrell remixes KiNK followed by music from Next Gen producers Yotam Avni & Nicuri. Norwegian imprint Ploink has impressed me with albums from Mental Overdrive, +plattform & label owner Thomas Urv. They are all in the top 10 for albums & tracks of 2017. Ryan Jame Ford’s remix of Anetha makes the top 10 along with NHK yx Koyxen & James Ruskin’s take on SHDW & Obscure Shape’s “Nachtblende”.  The Tune of the Year is from the Album of the Year by Prince Of Denmark who apparently took his final bow announcing his retirement from production. Well that’s all she wrote for 2017. Roll on 2018. Enjoy the music & your New Year.
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
20. 外神田deepspace “A3. ネオトーキョー サンライズ”(Natural Sciences)
19. Batu “Marius”(Hessle Audio)
18. Donato Dozzy “B”(Afterhouse)
17. Hodge “Swing for the Fences”(Hemlock Recordings)
16. Cadans “1 Bar FU”(Clone Basement Series)
15. Randomer “Myanmar”(Headstrong Records)
14. DVS1 “It’s All About”(HUSH)
13. DJ Qu “Seizure Rhythm” (Sound Theories)
12. JDJX “Disco Machine”(Momentary Records)
11. Kirk The Flirt “Back2Biz”(Allergy Season)

Part 2
10. KiNK “Beats”[Serge & Tyrell Remix](Royal Oak)
9. Yotam Avni “Orma”(Stroboscopic Artefacts)
8. Nicuri “Red Pill” (Sound Theories)
7. Thomas Urv “HZ”(PLOINK)
6. Anetha “Acid Train”[Ryan James Ford Remix](Anagram PROMO)
5. Mental Overdrive “Dissolve”(PLOINK)
4. NHK yx Koyxen “Dented”(DFA)
3.  SHDW & Obscure Shape “Nachtblende”[James Ruskin Version](From Another Mind)

2. +plattform “Storn”(PLOINK)
**********Tune Of The Year**********

1. Prince Of Denmark “GS”(FORUM)