Thelonious Funk Sessions #277 Year End Review 2017 Vol. 1 of 5


     It time again for the 10th Annual Year End Review for the tunes of 2017. For those that don’t already know the house rules, this list ranges from December of 2016 to November of this year. Anything released this December will be considered for next year. So kicking off this list we have a very unique take of Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” from Marlo. This is followed by music from Ben Hauke feat. Joe Armon-Jones, Kai Alce’s rerub of John Jastszebski and Black Loops. Salem Jabou make his debut on the Year End Review followed by Marlon Hoffstadt, Librarian, Blackbones & Pepe Bradock’s remix of Paolo Mantini to round off the top 100.

     For the top 90 I have music from new Sound Signature recruit Thomas Xu, Shinichi Atobe, J M S Khosah & Alexey NikitinTerence Fixmer makes the year end review for the 2nd time followed by Kowton and William Masson. Revenu, Reggie Dokes and Pablo Mateo rounds off the show. Next week we focus on the top 80 & 70. Until Then…

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
100. Seal “Kiss From A Rose”(Marlo Refix)
99. Ben Hauke feat. Joe Armon-Jones “I Kinda Missed”(Church)
98. John Jastszebski “Season”[Kai Alcé’s Restructure](Phonogramme)
97. Kettenkarussell “New York Blues”(Giegling)
96. Black Loops feat. Felipe Gordon “Mia Negrita”(Toy Tronics)
95. Salem Jabou “Maximum Reach” (Mad Recordings PROMO)
94. Marlon Hoffstadt “Heavily Dancin On The Ones And Twos”(Axe On Wax)
93. Librarian “Journey”[Edit](Waxtefacts)
92. Blackbones “Malukayi” (Black Bones)
91. Paolo Mantini “Next Generation”[Pépé Bradock’s Braccio D’Oco della Villa-Beonis First Play](Rebirth)

Part 2
90. Thomas Xu “ALotToChewOn”(Sound Signature)
89. Shinichi Atobe “Regret”(DDS)
88. J M S Khosah “Sancha”(Apron)
87. Alexey Nikitin “Bar’yer Neizvestnosti”[Barrier of Uncertainty](Gost Zvuk)
86. Terence Fixmer “Melting Planets”(Ostgut Ton)
85. Kowton “Iodine”(Livity Sound)
84. William Masson “Keep Movin’ Forward”(Society Music Recordings)
83. Revenu “Inject”(Arken Records)
82. Reggie Dokes “Black Lives Matter”(Rawax)
81. Pablo Mateo “Fazing Trees”(Dred Records)


Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 11.17

For this monthly report, I have music from Yinna, Blackbones & new music from Norm Talley’s Debut LP Norm-A-Lize on Omar-S’ FXHE imprint. New music from Appian along with Donato Dozzy having a go at some deep house. More big tunes from Matt O’Brien and tracks from the ÆX imprint by Denote & Daniel Jacques. More cuts from Nicolas, DJ Barbo$$a and a collaboration from Alex Dimou & Kostas Georgoudis. Lucy get remixed by Blawan & Terrence Dixon’s Population One moniker gets a rerub from Orlando VoornSØRN, Natural Flow & Chicago producer Savile rounds off the show. The last monthly report will focus on the albums of 2017. Until then…
Enjoy The music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. Yinna “3228 H”(Farbwechsel)
2. Blackbones “Malukayi”(Black Bones)
3. DJ QU “Brut”(Strength Music)
4. Norm Talley “The Rise”(FXHE)
5. Appian “Rite Of Passage”(Stripped & Chewed)
6. Donato Dozzy “B”(Afterhouse)
7. Norm Talley “Earth Vabrations”(FXHE)
8. Matt O’Brien “Caru”(Off-Key Industries)
9. Denote “The Dangers of Planetary Exploration”(ÆX)
10. Nicholas “Black Juniper”(Church)
11. Alex Dimou & Kostas Georgoudis “Mozy”(Unscene BLK)
12. Daniel Jacques “Mind Your Step”(ÆX)
13. DJ QU “No Poetry”(Strength Music)
14. Matt O’Brien “And Through the Other Side”(Off-Key Industries)
15. DJ Barbo$$a “Track 3″(Salt Mines)
16. Lucy “The High Priestess”[Blawan Remix](Zehnin)
17. SØRN “Golden Age”(Holliday Addicts)
18. Savile “Watch Scan Wait”(2MR)
19. Population One “The Move”[Orlando Voorn Remix](Rush Hour)
20. Natural Flow “Virgus” (Oddity PROMO)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #276

     For this show I have more music from albums of Daphni and Four Tet. New music from Ray Kadinski, Liem & Eddie Ness and Marlon Hoffstadt. Tons of forthcoming material on this show from Lapien, remixes from the Anagram imprint by Lapien and Terrence Dixon as Population One & a timeless classic from Metro Area celebrating 15 years since its release.  More big tunes from Shante Celeste, CRS + BRG & tracks from Pepe Bradock’s new EP.  More forthcoming material from Anil Aras, Stefan Weise & Jun KamodaErrorsmith rounds off the first part of the show with music from his album.
    The second part of the show features two triple plays. The first features tracks from DJ Spider’s Wire Head EP on Rekids Special Projects sub label. The 2nd focuses on the tracks from 1800HaightStreet’s Endless LP on Lobster Theremin. I have more music from the Anagram remix EP featuring remixes by Efdemin and Ryan James Ford of Sinfol and Anetha. More music from the Rebirth camp from Michel Cleis, followed by Bawrut & Jonty SkruFFF. More big tunes from Adryiano, Peter Van Hoesen, Benjamin Damage, Nicolas Bougaïeff  &  a stunning remix of Głós by Cassegrain to round off the show.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Daphni “Poly”(Jialong)
2. Four Tet “LA Trance”(Text)
3. Ray Kandinski “Faking Love”(Arcane)
4. Liem & Eddie Ness “Ki Bekko”(Lehult)
5. Marlon Hoffstadt “ARP+”(Ransom Note)
6. Lapien “Inland”(Release/Sustain PROMO)
7. Octual “Dark Sky”[Population One Remix](Anagram PROMO)
8. Metro Area “Miura”(Environ)
9. Daphni “Joli Mai”(Jialong)
10. Shanti Celeste “Moved”(On Loop)
11. CRS + BRG “Erase”(Rebirth PROMO)
12. Pépé Bradock “Tresors”(Atavisme)
13. Anil Aras “Untitled”(Beste Modus PROMO)
14. Stefan Weise “Fractal Soul”(3km Records PROMO)
15. Santiago Salazar “Saturated Fear”(Pastel Voids)
16. Pépé Bradock “Tsundoku”(Atavisme)
17. Elad Magdasi “Two Floors”[Lapien Remix](Anagram PROMO)
18. Four Tet “Planet”(Text)
19. Jun Kamoda “Dopey Forests”(Black Arce PROMO)
20. Errorsmith “Superlative Fatigue”(PAN Records)
Part 2
Triple Play: DJ Spider “Wired Head EP”(Rekids Special Projects PROMO)
21. DJ Spider “Antikythera Mechanism Part 2 ”(Rekids Special Projects PROMO)
22. DJ Spider “Sub-Atomic Vibrations”(Rekids Special Projects PROMO)
23. DJ Spider “Mobius Strip Revisited”(Rekids Special Projects PROMO)
24. Sinfol “Trembling”[Efdemin Remix](Anagram PROMO)
25. Michel Cleis “Obsoleto Lerobo”[Dark Mix](Rebirth PROMO)
26. Bawrut “Pregamell”(Hard Fist PROMO)
27. Jonty SkruFFF “Jellyfish Invasion”(What Came First PROMO)
Triple Play: 1800HaightStreet “Endless LP”(Lobster Theremin)
28. 1800HaightStreet “Psychic”(Lobster Theremin)
29. 1800HaightStreet “Razor”(Lobster Theremin)
30. 1800HaightStreet “Endless”(Lobster Theremin)
31. Adryiano “Batraf”(CESTRAW)
32. Benjamin Damage “Montreal”(R&S)
33. Peter Van Hoesen “Fox Tactics”(Time To Express)
34. Lahj “The Tinley Effect”(Crow Castle Cuts)
35. Jonty SkruFFF “Warpaint”[Daniel Miller Remix](What Came First PROMO)
36. Anetha “Acid Train”[Ryan James Ford Remix](Anagram PROMO)
37. Głós “Cut Tongues”[Cassegrain Remix](Ressort Imprint PROMO)
38. Nicolas Bougaïeff “Cognitive Resonance”(NovaMute)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 10.17

     For the monthly report of October we have music from Soulphiction’s SBM project, Joe, Lady Blacktonika & Marlon Hoffstadt.  Some new forthcoming material from Amir Alexander followed by music from Nicholas, Rafiki and a music from Liem & Eddie Ness on Lehult. More big tunes forthcoming from DJ Spider, Sleep D & Albrecht La’Brooy and Red Rack’em remixes CRS + BRG on Rebirth. DJ Sotofett & LNS are at it again on Wania followed by some Soca styled Acid grooves from Errorsmith and Rødhåd featuring Vril. Blawan returns with music on his imprint & Roman Poncet remixes Natural Flow on Oddity to round off the show. One more monthly report until the Year End Review in December. Until then…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. SoulPhiction pres. SBM “Tripolis Jam”(Philpot)
2. Joe “Tail Lift”(Hessle Audio)
3. Lady Blacktronika “Can’t Breath” [Hands Up Instrumental](Sound Black Recordings PROMO)
4. Marlon Hoffstadt “Floating”(Ransom Note)
5. Amir Alexander “Ready 4 Your Love!!”(Release/Sustain PROMO)
6. Nicholas “Lonnie’s Reprise”(Church)
7. Liem & Eddie Ness “Metronic Disco Fever”(Lehult)
8. Rafiki “La Fourche”(Vertv Records)
9. Lady Blacktronika “Evil Bassline”(Sound Black Recordings PROMO)
10. DJ Spider “Mobius Strip Revisited”(Rekids Special Projects PROMO)
11. Sleep D & Albrecht La’Brooy “31 Degrees”(Analogue Attic PROMO)
12. Liem & Eddie Ness “Midssum”(Lehult)
13. CRS + BRG “Erase”[Red Rack’em Remix](Rebirth PROMO)
14. DJ Sotofett & LNS “Missed Connection”[Club Mix](Wania)
15. Errorsmith “I’m Interesting, Cheerful & Sociable”(PAN Records)
16. Rødhåd feat. Vril “Target Line”(Dystopian)
17. Blawan “Mayhem”(Ternesc)
18. Natural Flow “Agatha”[Roman Poncet Remix](Oddity PROMO)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #275

    Kicking off the show we have music from DJ Central, Ashok Leylund & a L_cio remix of Tessuto. I have music from the albums of Levon Vincent, DWIG, Daphni, Jori Hulkkonen & Santiago Salazar.  Bawrut remixes a tune from Ghana’s Azonto dance scene that was quite hard to find. Terrence Parker reworks one of his classic tracks on Abstract Theory. New music from the Klockworks camp by Vincent & Lovely Dana rounds off the 1st hour with some deep vocal house (ala Kerri Chandler) remixed by Nu Ground Foundation.
    For the 2nd part of the show I have music from Airhead along with remixes of Len Faki by Deetron and Cleric. There some forthcoming pressure SCB aka Scuba and Steaward (AKA DJ Steaw). I have more music from the Exchange Place Crew EP on Sound Theories from Art Gallery & Nicuri. I have more music from Santiago Salazar’s LP along with Radio Slave, Kuzma Palkin, Four Tet and Soulphiction. For the triple play I dive into more of the Klockworks 20 compilation with music from DVS1, High Position & Adam Craft. Big tunes from Deniro, Randomer, Developer, NHK yx Koyxen & killer track by from Perspektiv records.

Enjoy the Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. DJ Central & Erika Casier “Drive”[First Mix](Regelbau)
2. Ashok Leylund “Nightwalk”(Farbwechsel)
3. Levon Vincent “Kissing”(Novel Sound)
4. DWIG “What’s Paradise”(DWIG)
5. Tessuto “Wash & Eat”[L_cio remix](MEMNTGN PROMO)
6. Daphni “Vulture”(Jiaolong)
7. Jori Hulkkonen “Water Wars 2021-2027″(My Favorite Robot PROMO)
8. Terrence Parker “Alarm the Sound”[Retro Groove Mix](Abstract Theory)
9. Santiago Salazar “Saturated Fear”(Pastel Voids)
10. Daphni “Xing Tian”(Jiaolong)
11. Bryte x Gafacci “I Like Your Girlfriend”[Bawrut Remix](Ransom Note)
12. Jori Hulkkonen “I Am The Night”(My Favorite Robot PROMO)
13. Vincent “How I Feel”(Klockworks)
14. Daphni “Medellin”(Jiaolong)
15. Lovely Dana “Love Letter”[Nu Ground Foundation Vocal Mix](Wildtrackin)
Part 2
16. Airhead “Shaded”(Hemlock)
17. SCB “Five Degrees”(Hotflush PROMO)
18. Len Faki “My Black Sheep”[Deetron Remix](Figure)
19. Steaward “Last Flight”(Steaward PROMO)
20. Art Gallery “Enter The Polygon”(Sound Theories)
21. Santiago Salazar “Bloodlines”(Pastel Voids)
22. Four Tet “SW9 9SL”(Text)
23. Radio Slave “Gaikokujin”(REKIDS PROMO)
24. Kuzma Palkin “02-06-disintegration-swirl”(GOST Instrument)
25. SoulPhiction pres. SBM “Criticize”(Philpot )
26. Kuzma Palkin “SugrobChill”(GOST Instrument)
Triple Play: Various  “Klockworks 20″(Klockworks)
27. DVS1 “In the Middle”(Klockworks)
28. High Position “Cops”(Klockworks)
29. Adam Craft “Aphite 49″(Klockworks)
30. Deniro “Don Dino”(Trip)
31. Randomer “Myanmar”(Headstrong Records)
32. Nicuri “Red Pill”(Sound Theories)
33. Developer “Devils Knock”(Olympian)
34. Len Faki “My Black Sheep”[Cleric Y Remix](Figure)
35. NHK yx Koyxen “Dented”(DFA)
36. Unknown Artist “Nostalgica”(Perspekitv)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #274 (10 Year Anniversary Special)

     For this show I wanted to do a proper 10 year anniversary special. The focus is all about the tunes that were fixtures on the show as well as in my sets before doing the show. Some you may be familiar with & some that may be on the rarities category. I guess this is my way of truly showing you just a touch of what I have in the collection in regards  to electronic music. As you can see this show was non stop for almost 4 hours. So lets touch based on what to expect on this show.
    Kicking it all off I have dubbed out beats from Chronomad, broken beat soul from Harmonic 313 & Steve Spacek followed by Flying Lotus & Andres featuring Monica Blaire. I dusted off some tracks from Raymond Castoldi, Theo Parrish, Kerri Chandler & Peven Everett. More classics from Ron Trent & Chez Damier, Arto Mwambe remixes Manuel Tur and music from Phil Asher’s Focus project. Daniela Mercury is a legendary name when it comes to Brazilian music from Northeast Brazil. Her music has brought joy to many people around the world. The Murk Boys remix gives the tunes a spaced out jacked groove that is quite a sleeper. We have some tunes that have made the Year End Review such as Big Strick’s collaboration with Omar-S in Family Affair and 3 Chairs “Track2Track”.  Wookie’s remix of Jill Scott’s Golden was probably one of the most sought out version of her tune back in 2004. However the official remix pack did not have his Dub mix.  Karizma’s remix of S.U.M.O. was on my guest mix for Come Up Records. It was a fixture on the show back in 07.
     I have music from Martyn on Ostgut Ton, a collaboration between Jesse Rose & Domu and a banger from Armand Van Helden on one of his best EPs ever produced by him. Scott Grooves has been prolific when it comes down to his productions. However I feel his shining moment was The Journey. That record was the new millennium’s answer to DJ Rolando’s Jaguar. It connected the dots between deep house, tribal & techno. Omar-S appears on the show again with a tune that may not be his greatest production but was quite underrated. I have music from Henrik Schwarz, Dutch Techno collective Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Deetron, Aki Latvamaki & Carl Craig’s legendary remix of Rhythm & Sound. Aussie producer HMC appears on the show followed by Sounders Department, Claude Young (remixed by James Ruskin), Mike Dearborn, Speed Jack & Planet Of Drums.  I have some more recent Year End Review favorites from Anthony Parasole and SHDW & Obscure Shape. Last but certainly not least I have music from Gary Martin & from the Transmat catalog from Kenny Larkin & Stephen Brown to round off the show.
    Once again I can’t thank all of the producers enough for being the inspiration in doing this show for 10 years along with the other DJs that have paved the way for me doing the show. Lastly I thank you the listener for listening. This show is for you.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. Chronomad “Sard”(Alien Transistor)
2. Harmonic 313 feat Steve Spacek “Falling Away”(Warp)
3. Flying Lotus “Quakes”(Warp)
4. Andres feat. Monica Blaire “Learn To Love”(Mahoghani Music)
5. Raymond Castoldi “Feel The Piano”(X-Ray Records)
6. Theo Parrish “Twin Cities”(Harmonie Park)
7. Kerri Chandler “Kerri Bacharach”(Downtown 161)
8. Peven Everett “Chuch”(Unified Records)
9. Boo Williams “Make Some Noise”(Relief Records)
10. Atom Heart “As She Left”(Roughmix)
11. Trent ‘N’ Chez “The Choice”(KMS)
12. Manuel Tur feat. Alexander East “Will Be Mine”[Arto Mwambe Dub Version](Freerange)
13. Focus “Having Your Fun”(Versatile)
14. Daniela Mercury “O Canto Da Cidade” [Murk Boys Miami Mix](Sony Latin)
15. Big Strick feat. Omar-S “Family Affair”(7Days Ent.)
16. 3 Chairs “Track2Track”(Three Chairs)
17. Chez Damier “I Never Knew Love”(KMS)
18. Jill Scott “Golden”[Wookie Dub](White Label)
19. S.U.M.O. “Lovebeat” [Karizma’s K2 Darq Dub] (HEYA HIFI)
20. Martyn “Miniluv”(Ostgut Ton)
21. Jesse Rose Alongside Domu “Knock/Knock”(Front Room Recordings)
22. Armand Van Helden “Nrongo Ra Mrongo”(Strictly Rhythm)
23. Scott Grooves “The Journey”(From The Studio Of Scott Grooves)
24. Omar-S “Blade Runner”(FXHE)
25. Henrik Schwarz “Jeff”(Zeppelin Recordings)
26. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia “Exit 23″[Return](KK Records)
27. Deetron feat Ovasoul7 “I Cling”(Music Man)
28. Aki Latvamaki “Polyethylene Preview For Timo”(Budenzauber)
29. Rhythm & Sound feat Bobbi Shanti “Poor People Must Work”[Carl Craig Remix](Burial Mix)
30. HMC “Marauder”(Juice Records)
31. Sounders Department “Spiral Staircase”[Side B](Sounders Dept.)
32. Claude Young “What’s The DNA?”[James Ruskin Remix](MB Selektions)
33. Mike Dearborn “3:45 AM”(Djax-Up-Beats)
34. Speed Jack “Storm”[Remix](R&S Records)
35. Planet Of Drums “Planet Of Drums 04” (Avex Trax)
36. Sounders Department “Fusebox”(Sounders Dept.)
37. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Wenn Die Masken Fallen”(From Another Mind)
38. Deetron “Mr. Smooth”(Music Man)
39. Robert Hood “Master Builder”(Tresor)
40. Gary Martin “Samedi”(Teknotika)
41. Anthony Parasole “Wild Life”(Deconstruct Music)
42. Kenny Larkin “Dark Disco”(Transmat)
43. Stephen Brown “I Am Someone”(Transmat)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 09.17

For the Monthly Report of September I have music from DWIG’s What’s Paradise LP, Hanna, Scott Grooves and Salem Jabou.  I have music from The Exchange Crew Series on Nicuri’s Sound Theories imprint by Joey Anderson and DJ Qu. More big tunes from Ron Trent, Baltra, Pablo Mateo and Javonntte. More tunes from Folamour, Lando, Butane, Sawlin and Thor’s remix of Lo Shea rounds off the show.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. DWIG “Pyramid Mountains”(DWIG)
2. Hanna “July”(Apron)
3. Scott Grooves “2”(Natural Midi PROMO)
4. DWIG “Piece Of Music”(DWIG)
5. Joey Anderson “Needles & Threads”(Sound Theories)
6. Salem Jabou “Maximum Reach”(Mad Recordings PROMO)
7. Ron Trent “Beyond”(Electric Blue)
8. Baltra “No Regrets”(96 And Forever)
9. Pablo Mateo “Free Drama”(Dred Records)
10. Javonntte “Late Night People”(Sounds Of The City)
11. Folamour “Devoted to U”(Moonrise Hill Material PROMO)
12. Lando “Ritual Track”(Hotflush)
13. Butane “Don’t Stop”(Extrasketch PROMO)
14. Sawlin “Easiness Supplier”(Delsin)
15. DJ Qu “Seizure Rhythm”(Sound Theories)
16. Lo Shea “Let’s Roll”[Thor Remix](Rekids PROMO)