Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 10.18

    DISCLAIMER! If you feel that this is another show done for September, I don’t blame you. I accidentally felt at the time of this recording that I was not up to date on my monthly shows. So now that I realized that was not the case, this is the October monthly report LOL! Meant for the show of October to be more of another milestone celebrating 10 years. But who cares another show to enjoy right? So for the show I have music from Rhode & Brown, Specter, Wajeed and Kai van Dongen. More funky tracks from Seven Davis Jr followed by Marcel Dettmann and Stefan Braatz featuring the legendary Merwyn Sanders of Virgo 4. I have a double dose of some music from Leo Woelfel. New music from Rough Principles, Luke Slater’s L.B. Dub Corp, Eric Cloutier and Sirko Müller. Eduardo De La Calle gets a deadly rerub by fellow Spanish producer ORBE. More bangers from Juxta Position, The Advent and Don Williams to round off the show. Also I will be doing an exclusive reunion show on Deep Rhythms in the coming days to celebrate 10 years of doing the Monthly Report. The show premiered initially on the site and it will be exciting. I will keep you posted when it official gets released by the site. Until then…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. Rhode & Brown “Wave 100″(Slam City Jams)
2. Specter “What Else You Do”(Sound Signature)
3. Rhode & Brown “Sparkle”(Slam City Jams)
4. Waajeed feat. Ideeyah “Strength” (DIRT TECH RECK)
5. Kai van Dongen “I Don’t Like Central” (Underdub)
6. Seven Davis Jr. “Your Lover”(Secret Angels)
7. Marcel Dettmann “Autumn77″(Ostgut Ton)
8. Stefan Braatz  feat. Merwyn Sanders of Virgo 4 “Realize”(Polker Flat)
9. Leo Woelfel “Shallow House Beats Forever”(Otake Records)
10. Leo Woelfel “In Den Rabatten”(Leo Woelfel)
11. Rough Principles “Pool Back”(Holic Trax)
12. Seven Davis Jr. “Silver Surfer”(Secret Angels)
13. L.B. Dub Corp “Roar”(Stroboscopic Artefacts)
14. Eric Cloutier “Hadal”(IMF)
15. L.B. Dub Corp “Sure Step Dub”(Stroboscopic Artefacts)
16. Sirko Müller “Voodoo”(Tokomak)
17. Eduardo De La Calle Feat. Joolz “The Stand”[ORBE Remix](Take Away Music PROMO)
18. Juxta Position “Hexagon”(Figure)
19. The Advent “High Horse”(Klockworks)
20. Don Williams “Arrival”(Tokomak)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #287 (Kerri Chandler & His Madhouse)

      For this show we focus on the productions and A&R of the East Orange native Kerri Chandler for two reasons. First of all Kerri Chandler decided to release 44 tracks several weeks ago featuring his classic vinyl only tracks & previously unreleased bangers from his vaults via his We Transfer account. This was after receiving a promo from Madhouse celebrating 25 years of his A&R work including killer remixes of some classics. So this was weeks in the making.
    So we kick off first part we focus on Kerri Chandler as the producer with his impressive take of the System & Nina Simone. There are some of his classics on Downtown 161, Nite Grooves & UK Promotions. I have music from his productions for Dee Dee Brave and Christopher McCray. I have been playing a lot of his productions on Deeply Rooted House especially his Ruff instrumental of Back To The Raw. I also have a Dense & Pika remix of Kerri Chandler followed a unreleased take of In Search Of Mr. Ford.  To round of the 1st part is a new track included in the package Kerri included in his account.
     For the 2nd part of the show it is about Kerri Chandler’s work as an A&R for his Madhouse imprint celebrating 25 illustrious years.  I wanted to include music from his latest roster of talent along with music from the new compilation. So we have music from Kevin Over, Demuja, Melodymann, DJ Steaw and CPEN. Kerri gets remixed by WIll Saul, DJ Deep and Kevin Over. I have music from Frag Maddin including remixes by Black Loops and Kevin Over to round off the show. Big ups to Kerri for a quarter of a century of music from him as a producer and as an A&R.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. The System “You’re In My System”[Atmospheric Spanish Vocal Mix](Ibadan)
2. Kerri Chandler “Downtown”(Downtown 161)
3. Nina Simone “Westwind”[Kerri Chandler Remix](KVN001)
4. Kerri Chandler “Useless”(Downtown 161)
5. Kerri Chandler “The Machine”(Max Trax)
6. Kerri Chandler “Bar A Thym”(Nite Grooves)
7. Dee Dee Brave “Mookies Bio”(11:07 Presentations)
8. Kerri Chandler “A Demo By 6:23″(UK Promotions)
9. Dee Dee Brave “Feel the Breeze”(Champion)
10. Kerri Chandler & Christopher McCray “Heaven”[Kerri’s Original Raw Bassline Mix EQ2] (Previously Unreleased)
11. Kerri Chandler “NEW01″(Previously Unreleased)
12. Kerri Chandler “Moon Bounce”[Full Length Version](Deeply Rooted House)
13. Kerri Chandler “Back To The Raw”[Unreleased Ruff Instrumental Mix ](Deeply Rooted House)
14. Kerri Chandler “Rain”[Dense & Pika Instrumental](Nervous Records)
15. Kerri Chandler “In Search Of Mr Ford”[Unreleased Mix](Previously Unreleased)
16. Kerri Chandler “Fluff Rehab”[Kerri’s waking mix](Previously Unreleased)
Part 2
17. Kevin Over “Lavender”(Madhouse PROMO)
18. Demuja “Come To Me” [Folamour Lost In Eden Remix](Madhouse)
19. Marsupials “Hot Donuts”(Madhouse)
20. DJ Steaw “Destiny”(Madhouse)
21. CPEN ft Bluey Robinson “I’m Searching”[Dennis Quin Remix](Madhouse)
22. Stratosphere “Track 3″[Kevin Over’s Acid Rework](Madhouse PROMO)
23. Frag Maddin “The Zauberflöte”(Madhouse)
24. Kerri Chandler “I Feel It”[DJ Deep’s 2018 Retouch](Madhouse)
25. Demuja “Come To Me”(Madhouse)
26. Kerri Chandler “Insomnia Again”[Will Saul’s ‘Keeping It On’ Edit](Madhouse PROMO)
27. Roog, Dennis Quin featuring Berget Lewis “Igohart”[VIP Mix](Madhouse PROMO)
28. Kevin Over “Penthouse Boogie”[Seven Davis Jr Remix](Madhouse PROMO)
29. Frag Maddin “The Zauberflöte”[Black Loops Remix](Madhouse)
30. Marsupials “Gotta Get You”(Madhouse)
31. Melodymann “Burning”(Madhouse)
32. Kevin Over “Penthouse Boogie”(Madhouse PROMO)
33. Demuja “Take”(Madhouse)
34. Frag Maddin “Focus”[Kevin Over Remix](Madhouse)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #286 (Label Of The Month Mix Bosconi)

     For this session it is all about milestones. 1st off this September marks the 11th year of doing the Thelonious Funk Sessions. So we have some classics to go with some more recent tracks. We have some music from DJ Khalab followed by some classics from Scott Grooves, Dante & Dhula, Domu and Moodymann. More music from STL along music from the albums of Qnete and Jazzuelle. Played more older favorites from Pitto, Loco Dice and The Rapture. KiNK’s “Handmade” was a highlight back in 2012, Don Williams’ title track on the Baud EP was a fixture back in 2011 and Inner City’s  Ahnonghay was always a banger. I have  a nice collaboration between LNS & DJ Sotofett on Wania. Lastly I have two more classics  from Irfan and Redshape to round off the first part of the show.
    Second part of the show continues the theme of milestones with a new label of the month mix. This mix is about Italian label Bosconi founded by Fabio Della Torre and Ennio Colaci back in 2008. This year marks 10 years of putting out amazing music from their imprint. The mix consist of music from their both volumes of their Bosconi Stallion Series celebrating 5 years & 10 years. I have music from Nas1, Rondenion, Nicolas and music from Life’s Track’s ‘Venere’ LP. Riccio’s tracks from both volumes are in the mix along with Nightdrivers, A Guy Called Gerald and a collaboration between Sam Proper & The Clover. More big tunes from I.F.M., Brothers In Low, Nick Anthony Simoncino, Rufus and Herva. Alex Picone, Dukwa and 100Hz appears on the mix. Detroit duo and Next Gen producers The Oliverwho Factory rounds off the mix with a bang. Big congrats to Fabio and Ennio for putting out quality for 10 years and for sending the first volume to me 5 years ago.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. DJ Khalab “Zaire”(On The Corner Records)
2. Scott Grooves “DNA”(Natural Midi)
3. Dante & Dhula “The Basics”[Smokin’ Posties Remix](Itiswhatitis)
4. STL “U-Nite”(Solar Phenomena)
5. Moodymann “KDJ16″(KDJ)
6. Domu “Ain’t No Girl”(Neroli)
7. Qnete “The Wrong Direction”(777 Recordings)
8. Jazzuelle feat. Lars Behrenroth “Proxima”(Get Physical PROMO)
9. Pitto “Aphex”(Phil E)
10. Loco Dice “La Esquina”(Desolat)
11. The Rapture “Olio”[Full Length Version](Output)
12. KiNK feat Rachel Row “Hand Made”[Main Mix](Rush Hour)
13. Don Williams “Dynamic Rain”(Baud)
14. Inner City “Ahnonghay”(6 x 6 Records)
15. LNS & DJ Sotofett Blot “Blot”[Techno Mix](Wania)
16. Irfan “Red Giants”[Original Raw Mix](Still Music)
17. Redshape “Robot”(Music Man)
Part 2
Label Of The Month Mix: Bosconi Records
18. Nas1 “Peli Peli”(Bosconi)
19. Rondenion “Sunrize”(Bosconi)
20. Nicholas “From Somewhere Else”(Bosconi)
21. Life’s Track “Amore”(Bosconi)
22. Riccio “Get It On”(Bosconi)
23. Riccio “Put The Man Out”(Bosconi)
24. Nightdrivers “Quanto Tempo Ci Rimane”[Fabio’s Consolation Edit](Bosconi)
25. A Guy Called Gerald “Always”(Bosconi)
26. Sam Proper & The Clover “Voices”(Bosconi)
27. I.F.M. “Dirty Vibes”(Bosconi)
28. Brothers In Low “Testacorta”(Bosconi)
29. Nick Anthony Simoncino “Tramonto Techno”(Bosconi)
30. Rufus “Under The Line”(Bosconi)
31. Herva “Stay”(Bosconi)
32. Alex Picone “Dry Scream”(Bosconi)
33. Dukwa “Thanks Daddy For The Groove”(Bosconi)
34. Life’s Track “Dark Clouds”(Bosconi)
35. 100Hz “Tenderness”(Bosconi)
36. The Oliverwho Factory “Mind Free”(Bosconi)
End Of Mix

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 09.18

  For the monthly report of September, I have forthcoming music from AAIIEENN followed by Legowelt and Tm Shuffle (Remixed by Shuffless). Trip hop band Morcheeba gets a discofied remix from Norwegian producers Lindstrom & Prins Thomas followed by some Schatz Edits and a Godson remix of Folson & Tate. New music from Hanna, Baltra, Seven Davis Jr. and a Philipp Gonzales Remix of Pornbugs. I have another track from Kerri Chandler’s vaults he gave away followed by Glenn Underground and Rick Wilhite. Yoruba Soul does a remix of German nujazz legends Jazzanova. K Alexi Shelby collaborates with Tony Lovless with some jacking grooves. New music from the EPs of Linkwood and Mark Evemport followed by Prime Minister Of Doom.  Heavy collaboration by Matrixxman & Physical Therapy followed by L.B. Dub Corp and RhywSHDW & Obscure Shape returns with a new release on their From Another Mind imprint to round off the show. The next monthly report will mark 10  years of doing the show. Thanks a lot for supporting the show whether you have just started listening or if you have been around since the days of Deeprhythms.
Enjoy the Music,
Henderick aka Thelonious Funk
1. AAIIEENN “Calabi-Yau”(FALK Records PROMO)
2. Legowelt “Miskatonic Trimester”(Clone West Coast Series)
3. Tm Shuffle “Warehouse Dub”[Shuffless Remix](Vuo Records)
4. Morcheeba “It’s Summertime”[Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix](Fly Agaric)
5. Schatz Edits “Schatz Vol. 4 A1″(Schatz Edits)
6. Folson & Tate “Is It Because I’m Black'[Godson’s Flip Mix](Mahoghani Music)
7. Hanna “The Sacred”(Flumo Recordings)
8. Baltra “IWUNNAF33L”(Baltra)
9. Seven Davis Jr. “Taxi”(Secret Angels)
10. Pornbugs “Larica”[Philipp Gonzales Remix](Bondage Music PROMO)
11. Kerri Chandler “In Search Of Mr Ford”[Unreleased Final Mix](Self Released)
12. G.U. “Acid Jazz”(Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic)
13. Rick Wilhite “Sonar Funk”(Mahoghani Music)
14. Jazzanova feat. Charlotte OC “Everything I Wanted”[Yoruba Soul Stripped Mix](Sonar Kollektiv)
15. K Alexi Shelby &Tony Lovless “Anal Probe”(Tuskegee Music)
16. Linkwood “Minemeld”(Night Theatre)
17. I-Robots present: Mark Evemport “Kentu”(Opilec PROMO)
18. Linkwood “Nae Drama”(Night Theatre)
19. Prime Minister of Doom “Tribal Days Part III”(Planet Uterus)
20. Matrixxman & Physical Therapy “5 Years”[Part 2](Allergy Season)
21. L.B. Dub Corp “We Are Going Home”(Mote-Evolver PROMO)
22. Rhyw “Vertisol”(Arcing Seas)
23. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Die Augen Des Teufels”(From Another Mind)


Thelonious Funk Sessions #285 (Next Gen Exclusive Mix Shuffless)

     Kicking off this extended show, I have music from DJ Healer (aka Prince Of Denmark), Moodymann, Chevals & forthcoming music from Jon Gravy. Madhouse is celebrating 25 years with a forthcoming compilation of music from the archives mixed by the legendary Kerri Chandler. Kerri has also uploaded a lot of previously out of print vinyl and unreleased material from his vaults in digital format a couple of weeks ago. So I included a forthcoming remix of Stratosphere by Kevin Over & the unreleased collaboration Kerri did with Naim Johnson that was uploaded on his WeTransfer account. I strongly suggest you get those downloads NOW! Expect a Kerri Chandler/ Madhouse special on a future show. I have a couple of tracks from Javonntte’s EP on Scenario. This is followed by Mad Rey, forthcoming music from Jazzuelle’s Rebirth LP and Rufus. This week’s triple play focuses on the latest EPs of Finnish duo Shuffless. More on the talented duo later.  I have some music from Levon Vincent, Miruga and a lush Balearic groove classic from Ronald Burrell under his Aphrodisiac guise.  More big tunes from Rick Wilhite, Lando and a rave soulful banger from Lady Blacktronika. I have replays from Asquith and the Aquarian remix of AZARI. Israeli producer Shlomi Aber rounds of the first part of the show with a tune from his latest EP on Figure.
     For the second part of the show Finnish duo Shuffless is handling the latest installment of our Next Gen Series.  If you have been following the Monthly Reports so far this year, this talented duo has been a fixture on the shows.  Their combination of bass heavy electro, airy dub techno with some deep house vibes led to me to request a mix. So here it is. The mix features music Tuomo Väänänen, JS05, Sibling and Roman Lindau. The duo shows some Detroit love for Norm Talley and Mike Huckaby along with NYC deep house stalwart Levon Vincent. They also have included some of their unreleased & exclusive tracks by Piek & TM Shuffle (AKA Jukka Hanninan of Shuffless). After the mix I also added another one of their tracks to round off the show. Big thanks to Jukka & Mika for getting this mix over for us to enjoy. Also I’d like to say thanks to Strahil Velchev aka KiNK for listening in on the live portion of the show on Facebook. This led to him putting the live show on blast on his fan page. The video has reached close to 6,000 views in 24 hours. Big thanks to him & his fans for checking out the video. So by all means…
Enjoy the music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. DJ Healer “2 The Dark”(All Possible Worlds)
2. Moodymann “Got Me Coming Back Rite Now”(KDJ)
3. Chevals “No Other Love”(Dansu Discs)
4. Jon Gravy “Soul Groove”(fortunea PROMO)
5. Stratosphere “Track 3″[Kevin Over’s Acid Rework](Madhouse PROMO)
6. Javonntte “Vibe”(Scenario)
7. Seven Davis Jr. “Kiss”(Secret Angels)
8. Javonntte “Berlin”(Scenario)
9. Mad Rey “Brazil Melancholia”(Mamie’s Records)
10. Jazzuelle feat. Dwson “Vega”(Get Physical PROMO)
11. Rufus “Under The Line”(Bosconi)
Triple Play: Shuffless
12. Shuffless “Chi”(Syncrophone PROMO)
13. Shuffless “Syksy”(Feel Raw)
14. Shuffless “Uusmood”(Syncrophone PROMO)
15. Levon Vincent “War Drum Dub”(Novel Sound)
16. Miruga “Without Words”(Moods & Grooves)
17. Aphrodisiac “Song Of The Siren”[Mediterranean Mix](Nu Groove)
18. Kerri Chandler and Niam Johnson “Music Saved My Life”(Self Released)
19. Rick Wilhite “Xanadu 3.0″(Mahoghani Music)
20. Lando “Play Your Games”(Mistress)
21. Lady Blacktronika “Crazy Bantu Boy”(Allergy Season)
22. Asquith “The Conditioning Track”[NYC Mix](Asquith PROMO)
23. AZARI “Gotasoul”[Aquarian’s Umami ’93 Remix](Get Physical PROMO)
24. Shlomi Aber “Whistler”(Figure)

Part 2

Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Shuffless (Syncrophone/Feel Raw Recordings)
25. Tuomo Väänänen “New To The System”(Ljudverket)
26. JS05 “JS05″(JS)
27. Sibling “Leben”(Cymawax)
28. Roman Lindau “Dip”(Rawax)
29. Roger Gerressen “M”(Irenic)
30. Mike Huckaby “The Deep House World”(Third Ear)
31. Norm Talley “The Shoe”(Out The Box)
32. Tm Shuffle “TwentyOne Nights”(Unreleased)
33. Bobby O’Donnel “Within, Without”(Mosaic)
34. Shuffless “Can’t Say That”(Unreleased)
35. Idealist “Starflow”(Berg Audio)
36. Levon Vincent “Falling Out Of Cars”(Novel Sound)
37. Mike Huckaby “Roland King”(Synth)
38. Peik “Feel Like Hosoi”[Mix] (Tampere Mood Series PROMO)
39. Yaleesa Hall “Zoe Price”(Will & Ink)
40. Ryan James Ford “Beltline”(Shut)
41. Shuffless “Kavaet”(Feel Raw Audio)
End Of Mix
42. Shuffless “Talvi”(Feel Raw)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 08.18

     For the monthly report of August, I have music from Adesse Versions’ EP of Brazil Edits. This is followed by the Collective Rhythm Network crew reissuing a soulful tune from 1996 by Lenni Gait’s Melody Band and new music from Rick Wilhite. Kerri Chandler has just unleashed over 40 tracks in digital format that was either vinyl only or unreleased. One of the classics was a production he did under Dee Dee Brave.  Big tunes from Javonntte’s release on Scenario followed by Seven Davis Jr. and Technologystolemyvinyle gets a rerub from Rick Wilhite on Mahoghani Music. New music from the Regelbau camp by Timeman followed by a Higher Concept remix of Jeff Gold. More killer tracks from Shuffless on Feel Raw. Be on the lookout for their installment of the Next Gen Series that will be coming up on the next Thelonious Funk Sessions. More big tunes from Lando, Duckett, Anthony Parasole & Boston 168 to round off the show.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. Adesse Versions “Quem Nao Quer”(Adesse Versions)
2. Lenni Gait’s Melody Band “Embrace”[The Original Melody Vibe](Collective Rhythm Network)
3. Javonntte “Brazil”(Scenario)
4. Rick ‘The Godson’ Wilhite “Mind Control”(Collective Rhythm Network)
5. Dee Dee Brave “Mookies Bio”(11:07 Presentations)
6. Javonntte “The J Mix”(Scenario)
7. Seven Davis Jr. “Family”(Secret Angels)
8. Moodymann & Rick Wilhite “Technologystolemyvinyle”[Godson’s Cosmic Soup Mix](Mahoghani Music)
9. Adesse Versions Purity”(Adesse Versions)
10. Ciel & Roberto S “Auto Avian”(Dansu Discs)
11. Timeman “Extra Soft”(Regelbau)
12. Jeff Gold feat. Hollace M Metzger “Give Me That”[Higher Concept Remix](Asylum Confidential PROMO)
13. Shuffless “Syksy”(Feel Raw)
14. Lando “Hutch”(Mistress Recordings)
15. Duckett “Rights”(Berceuse Heroique)
16. Anthony Parasole “In The Stars”(Deconstruct)
17. Boston 168 “Cosmic Tribe” (BPitch Control)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #284 (Next Gen Exclusive Mix Rose Bonica)

     Finally a Thelonious Funk Sessions for you to enjoy. We kick off the show with music from Prayer on Black Acre. Think Burial doing Drum & Bass to give you an idea of this tune. Moodymann adds some Detroit cosmic sleaze to Nightmares on Wax on Warp records. More big tunes from Mr. Fingers,  Mateis e. aqir, Hugo LX & STL. New music from Miruga, Nicky Soft Touch, E Davd and Vril. More music from the LP of Qnete on 777 recordings. Manmade DeeJay returns followed by a forthcoming collaboration between Earth Trax & Newborn Jr. More killer cuts from Juju & Jordash, Eats Everything and DJ Spider. Nina Kraviz does an filthy techno take on Franz Ferdinand latest EP and a forthcoming P Leone remix of Erta Ale on Twirl to round off the 1st part of the show.
     For the second part of the show we continue with the latest installment of the Next Gen Series by South African producer Rose Bonica. The scene in the “SA” has been a huge support of electronic music. Back in the days artists like Arthur and TKZee made Kwaito which paved the way for house music today. There was a period when the rest of the world appreciated the music of artists such a Black Coffee, Culoe De Song & Jazzuelle (more recently). The past few years the rest of the world (me included) wondered if various sounds can come out of this rich scene.  One morning last month I received a promo that really knocked the sleep out of my eyes. The answer was an emphatic ‘hell fucking yes fool’.  Rose Bonica is a force to be reckoned with having the experimental maniacal aggressiveness of some early Ellen Allien with a funky groove of Henrik Schwarz but that is just scratching the surface.
     So for her installment she is showcasing the music from her Wet Dreams imprint featuring tunes from the latest EP that made me contact her. There is also music from Big Space & legendary French singer Edith Piaf. Her EP Don’t Let It Go To Your Head is out now on Wet Dreams Recordings. Seek it. After the mix I played more from Rose Bonica followed by Echologist, Marcelus and Chi Thanh to round off the show. Once again big thanks to Natalie for getting this mix out for us.
Enjoy The Music,
 Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Prayer “I’m Still Here”(Black Acre PROMO)
2. Nightmares On Wax “Deep Shadows”[Moodymann Remix](Warp)
3. Mr. Fingers “Electron”(Alleviated)
4. Mateis e. aqir “Higher Ground”(All My Thoughts)
5. Hugo LX “Power”(MCDE)
6. STL “Repeat After Me”(Solar Phenomena)
7. Miruga “Into the Zone”(Moods & Grooves)
8. Nicky Soft Touch “I Can’t Stop Thinking About It”(Foot Long Fun Plates PROMO)
9. E Davd “Stratosphere”(Bolting Bits)
10. Vril “Haus”(Giegling)
11. Qnete “ The Big Journey”(777 Recordings)
12. Manmade DeeJay “Viper”(No Hands)
13. Earth Trax & Newborn Jr “Hubris”(Shall Not Fade PROMO)
14. Juju & Jordash “SpaceTG SLACK”(Slack Trax)
15. Eats Everything “Bettah” (Intec Digital PROMO)
16. DJ Spider “Jinn”(Out-Er PROMO)
17. Franz Ferdinand “Always Ascending”[Nina Kraviz Techno Remix](Domino)
18. Erta Ale “For Real”[P.Leone EMS Mix 2](Twirl PROMO)
Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Rose Bonica (Wet Dreams Recordings)
19. Edith Piaf “Gloomy Sunday”
20. Sunroof Visions “?????”
21. Rose Bonica “If I Don’t cry I Will Laugh”(Wet Dreams Recordings)
22. Rose Bonica “Do You Even Listen” (Wet Dreams Recordings)
23. Big Space “Ambition Bird”[Rose Bonica Remix](Wet Dreams Recordings)
24. Rose Bonica “Strange Beds”(Wet Dreams Recordings)
25. Rose Bonica “You Look Ugly When You Cry”(Wet Dreams Recordings)
26. Big Space “Holy War”(Wet Dreams Recordings)
27. Rose Bonica “I’m A Fucking Nightmare”(Wet Dreams Recordings)
28. Rose Bonica “Phlegmatic”(Wet Dreams Recordings)
29. Rose Bonica “Hold Me Again”(Wet Dreams Recordings)
30. Rose Bonica “Volatile”[Very Intense Person](Wet Dreams Recordings)
End Of Mix
31. Rose Bonica “If I Dont Laugh I Will Cry”(Wet Dreams Recordings PROMO)
32. Echologist “Dispatch”(MORD)
33. Marcelus “Parenthesis”(Tresor)
34. Chi Thanh “Xin Chao”(Blaufield PROMO)